APEX LEGAL assists its clients with a variety of privacy and data security matters. We can work with your company to assess its existing internal data privacy policies and procedures and develop new or additional policies to facilitate compliance with U.S. state and federal legal requirements and the European Union’s comprehensive data protection regime.

Specifically, APEX LEGAL can help your company:

  • develop and implement website and mobile apps terms of use and social networking policies;
  • assess its sources of data privacy exposure and risk;
  • develop company-wide multi-functional risk management strategies; and
  • address compliance issues, including data breaches, if they arise.

We believe strongly in integrated company-wide privacy and security management practices and procedures. To ensure a comprehensive approach to data protection, we work with our clients to prepare and negotiate key employee and third party agreements covering licensing, confidentiality, outsourcing, computing and other information-sensitive arrangements.

Conducting Business in Compliance with EU Data Privacy Laws

With the adoption of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the EU’s approach to data privacy and security has expanded in regards to the obligations of companies holding the personal data of EU data subjects and in regards to the companies which will now be subject to the requirements of EU data protection law. APEX LEGAL assists companies in their efforts to comply with these new requirements.

To comply with the new requirements, companies collecting or holding the personal data of EU data subjects will need to review, and likely revise, their internal data practices and privacy policies, their consent procedures and procedures concerning the information provided to employees and customers when personal data is collected. Companies may also need to amend their business agreements to ensure that the agreements properly address each party’s legal obligations regarding the protection and handling of personal data.